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    Petite dresses are specifically tailored for women who are shorter in stature, typically 5'4" and under. Contrary to popular belief, petite sizing doesn't necessarily mean the dresses are smaller in overall size; rather, they're designed with shorter lengths in mind.

    Petite dresses take into account not just height, but also the proportions of a smaller frame. This means that the waistline, armholes, and other key measurements are adjusted accordingly to ensure a flattering fit for petite women.

    We provide a detailed sizing chart for petite sizes. We recommend taking your measurements and comparing them to our chart to find the best fit. Please be advised that petite women should not size down, as petite sizing is designed for shorter heights, not smaller proportions.

    Yes, our collection includes petite dresses suitable for all seasons, from lightweight options for summer events to more substantial fabrics for winter ceremonies.

    No, we do not offer alteration services for petite dresses. However, we strive to provide a wide range of sizes and styles to ensure you find the perfect fit.