Dresses for Special Occasions, Gorgeously on Trend, & Priced Right

At BBXco, we know exactly what is needed for every special occasion because we have been at it for generations. We create dresses that fit, flare and sculpt for amazing entrances, stunning pictures... and having fun too. The fabrics we choose and silhouettes we design are always the latest trends from just the right dress length, slit height and exposed shoulders in all the right colors.

All of our dresses are designed in New York City inspired by its vibrant nightlife, social galas, and fashion runway shows. We also make the majority of our dresses close to home in the NYC Garment District, New Jersey and Brooklyn. We never skimp on style and especially never skimp on quality.

“Our success has always been product product product. We pride ourselves on our styling, fit and quality. You can tell me a dress didn’t sell because of the style. Don’t tell me it was because the dress wasn’t made right.” Michael Sklar CEO

Each season we launch a new collection of the latest trends in evening wear as well as updated popular styles that become long standing classics.

Founded in 1982 by our father, Marty Sklar, our family owned and operated business along with one of the most talented teams in New York City, is one of the largest makers of formalwear for over 40 years in the U.S. So one might say, we know how to make you look special.


Michael and Stacy Sklar